Cardiff Times December Contributions

Thought I’d compile what I’ve written for the Cardiff Times blog for December!

The first is my review of Zena Blackwell’s debut solo exhibition at Cardiff MADE. I loved the exhibition even more than their carrot cake – and I’ve been having dreams about it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.47.40 PM

And my second one is about my relationship with food. Complex and ever changing – like most of us. It’s just little tiny vignettes into different stages of my life so far and how my attitude towards eating has changed, maybe even healed.

Let’s not ignore that cracker of a picture. Me diving right in, Rob posing. Also that brownie had a layer of cookie dough on it and was from the lovely Vegan Live festival in Alexandra Palace.


Cardiff Times November Issue!

IMG_0376I’m excited about this. Quite literally buzzing. I know it’s December now, but I wanted to share my first article in print. It’s a double page arts feature for Cardiff Times. A few cheeky wobbles from overwhelming tides of inadequacy and I got there!

You COULD read it in print – last month – but it lives on forever on the website.

I was lucky enough to be invited back to one of the places I featured in the article. Arts cafe, collaborative work-space and gallery, cardiff MADE, to review Zena Blackwell’s beautiful debut solo-exhibition ‘seen, not heard’. That’ll be coming sometime in the next month – I’ll share the link when it’s published! But there’s been a few more in between so I thought I’d include them below if you’re interested!

I had so much fun attending the Cardiff International Film Festival (click here for the article).

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.51.03 PM

And of course, the gluttony and joy of this! I got to review the Welsh winners of the 2018 Great Taste Food Awards! (click here to have a look!)

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.51.10 PM

That’s it for my November contributions. If you’re in need a queen with some opinions and no authority to share them, hit me up.